Maryville Yoga Shala

Mind. Body. Beyond.

Several of Maryville’s Yoga Shala’s classes are taught in a warm room with infrared radiant heat panels. Practicing in a warm room brings heat to your muscles, increase flexibility, detoxifies your skin and lymphatic system, increases your heart rate to aid in healthy weight loss and minimizes risk of injuries.

The Shala’s Yoga studio features a padded Zebra mat flooring which is made from recycled materials. This flooring is easy on joints and muscles yet it also provides great stability. Zebra flooring is also built to withstand wear and tear, smells and heat. The Shala’s buildout was done by local artisans, Tin and Timber who build custom high quality woodwork with beautiful design detail.

Maryville’s Yoga Shala offers retail products in its Yoga Boutique that are Yoga-centric and wellness oriented. Items for your Yoga practice and lifestyle will be offered such as Yoga mats, Aromatherapy and Ayurvedic remedies.

Maryville’s Yoga Shala provides many pricing options. Based on clients class participation, the most value driven option is a membership. Membership also allows for discounted rates on workshops and retail.


Beginners Welcome…

Whether you are an avid yoga practitioner or a first timer, a professional athlete or new to exercise, it all doesn’t matter. The best way to come to yoga each time is with a “beginners mind”. You don’t know your limits when you are a beginner, nor do you know your potential. The exploration is an exciting journey! When folks say they can’t do Yoga because they aren’t flexible the first place to start is working on the mind. The idea is to explore your limits, not to become a pretzel or compare yourself to your neighbor. All levels, shapes and sizes start where their body and mind is in the current moment. Everyone can receive pose modifications for tighter areas of the body while practicing.


Benefits of Yoga

Yoga means to Yoke mind, body and spirit. Through the practice of yoga you will strengthen all three aspects of yourself. Yoga will leave you refreshed, relaxed and happy.


Increased flexibility
Increased muscle strength and tone
Improved respiration, energy and vitality
Maintaining a balanced metabolism
Weight reduction
Cardio and circulatory health
Improved athletic performance
Protection from injury


Stress management
Improves positive outlook
Creates mental clarity and calmness
Increases body and mind awareness
Relieves chronic stress patterns
Sharpens concentration and centers attention