Be mindful of your punctuality
As instructors, we work hard to respect our clients’ schedules by starting and ending class on time. Arriving late can disrupt the focus of both participants and teachers. However, we do realize that things happen. With this in mind, our studio policy is that if there is ample space in the room, you may enter in between postures up within 5 minutes of start time in any of our classes.  If the class is full and would require for people to re-adjust their mats, you may be asked to come for another class. 

Leaving class early

We understand that there are times when you may need to leave class early. If you know you need to leave class early, please let the instructor know before the class begins and try your best to set up near the door for easy exit.  We also highly recommend that you allow yourself 2 minutes of savasana before you leave.  This final relaxation is an important part of the class where your body is able to reap all the benefits of the class.

Personal hygiene
Out of respect for each other be mindful of your own odors. Wear clean yoga clothes, refrain from using cologne, lotions or perfumes, keep your breath fresh, and feet and toenails clean and properly maintained. At the end of class, take a moment to wipe down any sweat from the floor around you.  If you are an extra heavy sweater, please bring an extra towel to leave your spot dry. 

Respect each other’s space
Please do your best to place your mat in a neat row to make space for other yogis around you. If this is not your first time, please set up in the front rows. This helps people behind you know where to set up. If you’re in a busy class, consider making room for others walking in. We want to make sure there is room for everyone. Please refrain from entering or exiting the yoga room while others are in a posture. Be mindful about your belongings around your mat, especially your water bottle, making sure it is not blocking someone’s vision in the mirror when practicing floor postures/exercises.

Keep the Studio a Peaceful Place
Many people think of the studio as an escape from the hectic world in which we live.  It’s a space for quiet and relaxation.  Once inside the yoga room please keep talking to a minimum, and at a low volume before class begins for those wishing to relax and meditate. Please keep all cell phones or any electronics outside of the yoga room.  In final relaxation at the end of classes, please avoid talking until you are outside of the studio space. Observe silence in the yoga room during final savasana. This might be the only time of the day that many people have silence and tranquility and we want them to enjoy it completely.

Other Etiquette Tips
Please remove your shoes when you arrive in the lobby and place them in the cubbies in the front or back.

If you are not feeling well, take some time for your body to recover and avoid taking class. Not only does your body need the rest, but we also want to avoid spreading anything to our fellow practitioners

Please avoid chewing gum in class. With any yoga postures it can be unsafe to have gum in your mouth.

If you have a comment for the instructor, please share it after class.