Therese Heise

Therese started teaching fitness classes in 2008 when she was invited to join the teaching team for Body Flow & Yoga classes at Ladies’ Total Fitness in Maryville. After teaching for a short while she was asked to teach at National Fitness Center, The Rush / Gold’s Gym and Maryville College.
Therese is a follower and student of the Iyengar method of yoga. Her 200-hour certification is heavily weighted in this foundational style of alignment and technique. The Iyengar method teaches that we build our yoga practice from the ground up, from a stable (and yet fluid) base. 
Therese believe it is her job to guide safely and effectively towards clients mind/body goals. Whether those goals are a toned and healthy body or an overall sense of calmness and well being, she believes having a yoga practice can lead each of us to our most happiest and healthiest lives.